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Case Files: Getting Enough Calcium and the Risk of Osteoporosis

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Category: Chronic Disease

  • By Shirley Fung
  • 06/03/2017

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health

What is Closing the Gap Program and how can you contribute to improving the health of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population?  Find out more from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health module on Learn...
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  • By Shirley Fung
  • 06/03/2017

MBS Resources

Check out the latest topic added to Learn 360: MBS...
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  • By Dr Mark Overton
  • 17/01/2015

Tips: Stress Free Child Examination

Mum comes into your consulting room with her sick child. The child sits on her lap as you take a history, and then you turn to the child to examine. The child cries and struggles and it is an ordeal for you, the child and mum....
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  • By Bree Gerber
  • 03/11/2014

Case Files: Chronic Disease Management & Care Plan Nurses

May 2014 - Initial I first met this patient in May when he was referred to me for a Diabetic Care Plan. The referring GP informed me that he was not taking his BGL’s. After updating the patient’s history, I found that he...
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