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Case Files: Getting Enough Calcium and the Risk of Osteoporosis

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Category: Dermatology

  • 22/09/2016

Feature Workshop: Case Study – Lip Wedge for SCC

The Primary Health Care Institute provides a series of workshops. This section features this week's new workshop which was kindly provided by Dr Brett Curr, Skin Cancer Specialist – at Riverlink Medical & Dental Centre...
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  • 03/08/2016

Latest Topic on Learn 360: Topical Corticosteroids Made Easy

Learn 360, Medical Centres' new Learning Management System has been launched. The latest topic is "Topical Corticosteroids Made Easy". Please login at to access this module and other...
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  • By Dr S.Ardavan Hamidi
  • 10/10/2014

Case Files: Always Use a Dermoscope For Skin Examinations

Visit 1: History A 44 year old gentleman presented with a history of eczema which had been present for a few months and was not getting better. The patient requested a stronger steroid cream prescription. The patient had seen...
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