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Category: Women’s health

  • By Shirley Fung
  • 19/10/2017

New National Cervical Screening Program from 1st Dec 2017

From 1st December 2017, the Pap smear process will be known as the Cervical Screening Test. The cervical cells will be collected in the same way as previously collected for Pap smears, with the only difference being that the...
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  • 22/09/2016

Workshop: Pre Conceptual Counselling

The Primary Health Care Institute provides a series of workshops some developed by the Institute and some have been contributed by GP's or Healthcare Professionals from across the Primary Health Care network Click on...
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  • 22/09/2016

Do you understand antenatal item numbers?

In order to bill an antenatal consultation (16500) •Medicare expect that there has been a Pregnancy Test item number billed for the patient indicating a diagnosis of pregnancy prior to or at the time of the first...
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